Engage workshop

Oxford University Computing Services, 19th-20th April 2012

'Engage' is a free 2-day interactive workshop for invited participants run by Oxford University's Great Writers Inspire project (http://writersinspire.org/about/). Our 'Engage' workshop for teachers (HE, FE, 6th form) and learners will take place on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th April at Oxford University Computing Services in the centre of Oxford.

'Engage' will offer discussion of teaching approaches in literature in HE, 6th form and distance learning settings and explore how digital resources can be used to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Participants will have plenty of hands-on time to interact with the Great Writer Inspire resources and provide a steer on their development. The Oxford academics supporting the project will lead a debate on 'What is a Great Writer?', and we will also help to clear up some of the misunderstanding around copyright and reuse by increasing open content literacy.

Participants are asked to come prepared to share their experiences, engage with other participants and help us make the workshop as productive as possible. Participants will be given the opportunity to create a collection of resources which can be used in the future. There will be presentation time to share these collections and the issues they address with the group, plus an expectation to create at least one blog post reflecting on the event.

DAY 1 Thursday 19th April 2012, midday start

Arrive for registration and lunch at OUCS
Welcome and introductions, ice breaker
Introducing Great Writers Inspire digital resources with a literary theme free for reuse in education worldwide
Ways of using Great Writers Inspire participants explore, engage and offer feedback
Exploring eBooks on computer and mobile devices how can these be used in teaching and learning?
Making it easy to reuse digital resources in teaching become open content literate
Early evening tour of the Bodleian Library

DAY 2 Friday 20th April 2012, 9.30 am start

What is a great writer? What is a great text? Oxford academics share their thoughts and invite discussion and debate
How do you engage with Great Writers? How do you engage students/learners with writers and literature? How do you inspire them?
Building collections participants have the opportunity to discover reusable digital resources and create collections
Lunch provided
Building collections continued
Presentations of collections developed
Wrap up, evaluation and follow-up