Welcome to the Ripple project

Ripple is an OER Cascade Project led by the Learning Technologies Group, Oxford University Computing Services, University of Oxford. To promote the sharing of effective practice and to ensure that the lessons learned help to inform the strategies developed at other UK HE institutions contemplating OER release, the team responsible for the successful delivery of OER from Oxford will provide expert support, guidance and training to two partner institutions, Harper Adams University College and Oxford Brookes University, who are not currently involved in Open Educational Resources (OER) release. We will help these institutions to understand their own institutional implications, investigate local solutions for sustainable OER release , develop effective engagement and dissemination strategies which will engender a culture of openness, and aim to release some of their teaching and learning materials under a Creative Commons licence.

OER Toolkit

Four instructional videos released in an OER Toolkit for reuse and remixing

Final report

Photo credit: Hightech.Blogosfere

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