Welcome to Triton

Triton brings Oxford politics closer to the subject community - The project will widen the availablity of Open Content Resources (OER); content that is available for reuse and redistribution by third parties globally, provided that it is attributed to its creator.

This project aims to rapidly increase the awareness and use of OER material within the Politics and International Relations (IR) subject community by bringing high-quality reusable scholarly resources to learners and teachers. The project will generate and promote links to OER learning pathways within a new innovative research blog (called Politics In Spires) whose content will be created by academic researchers at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Linked to the posts will be learning pathways and thematic, dynamically generated directory areas.

By guiding the learner through a set of recommended materials and by also introducing the learner to a portal of aggregated subject content, the project will promote the range of scholarly OER material available with attractive supporting resources generated by topical news and opinion pieces.

It will do this by providing expert support, guidance and technical support to the Politics and IR subject community, helping the community engage with OER resources and the creating of new aggregated sets of peer-reviewed material that can be promoted as new and sustainable OER releases.

Triton is a collaboration between the team at the University of Oxford responsible for OpenSpires (funded under the HEA/JISC Open Educational Resources Programme Phase 1) and Oxford University’s Politics and IR department which is top-ranked in national research and teaching assessments and teaches around 1,000 undergraduates and 300 graduate students. The Department is distinctive for its substantive breadth and intellectual pluralism. Teaching and research in the Department focuses on the historical foundation and development of societies and their political institutions, the theoretical underpinnings of political practice, and contemporary issues in Politics and IR.

TRITON will aid discovery of OER in three ways:

  1. Regular short scholarly posts and commentaries released as OER
  2. Learning pathways – drawing together sets of quality controlled OER material
  3. Thematic collections – dynamically generated channels to learning

The Triton project focuses on supporting strategic institutional learning and encouraging cultural change. The outcomes will share effective practice that may inform and influence policy in other research-intensive institutions in the UK HE sector and beyond. The project also aims to help the UK-OER community by:

  1. Acting as an exemplar case study for an academically driven, subject-centric, OER web portal that could be replicated for other subject areas;
  2. Evaluating how discoverability and uptake of OER resources is affected by the direct marketing of expertly chosen OER materials to a known audience;
  3. Reporting on how cost-effective social technologies can be used to create a lightweight OER subject portal;
  4. Testing the feasibility of generalising this framework to other subject areas.